Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Vice 2 Palette Look #1!

The lovely Miss Louise from Lilting Grace asked me to do some looks using my Vice 2 Palette, so of course I will! I've had this one ready for a little while now, what a perfect time to use it! I will try and get some more looks out using my Vice 2 Palette asap!
If anyone ever wants to see a look, using something I've got then just let me know and I'll be more than happy to oblige!
I didn't have great lighting so sorry for the bad photos, I will do some more looks soon!
For this look I used X-Rated, Voodoo, Habit, Coax and Betrayal.
I also used Psychedelic Sister from my Book of Shadows II.
This is under different lighting, so you can see the beautiful pink colours!
Lashes are Eylure 100, mascara is Mac's Plush Lash and Benefit They're Real.
Hope you like the look Louise!
PS, I tried to comment on your blog but because you use Disqus it won't let me - it's always had a problem with Disqus! Never lets me comment on anyones!


  1. love this look! purple is such a beautiful colour for blue/grey/green eyes!

  2. thanks for doing this look! I can't wait to try this out (I accidentally found out that it's one of my christmas presents lol) ! I love that you used the pinks and purples! The purples were my favorite shades in the palette and I didn't know how to use the pinks!
    Sorry about not being able to comment! I don't know why it would do that!

    1. You lucky girl! I would love to see some makeup for me under the christmas tree! hehe I do know I'm getting 2 Sleek palettes... seeming I was standing behind my mum telling her what to do when she was ordering them! haha Pinks can be awkward sometimes but Coax is so gorgeous! Just keep swatching them with different shades on your hand and you'll get some inspiration! x x