Thursday, 24 November 2011

Coming to an E.L.F near you...

Hi guys! Hope every one's having a good week, mine's going amazingly so far! I got chosen by E.L.F to review their new lipsticks and I'm so excited!! They came today so I got stuck in straight away to bring you my review ASAP :)

So, here is goes....

Theses little beauties are the wonderful new colours! In order they are (L-R) Charming, Nostalgic, Captivating, Flirtatious, Sociable & Fearless.

Without Flash
With Flash (look how gorgeous Sociable is!)
I think what I was most surprised with about these lipsticks is how pigmented they all are! And I mean, ALL of them. With darker lipsticks, like Fearless, it's often the case that they don't come out the colour they look but oh boy, they do! Also, because its so cold out at the moment, my lips aren't in great condition so I was a little worried about putting them on, because I've got a cremesheen from Mac and it makes my lips look 10x worse! However, it wasn't even noticeable with these beauts! They're soo creamy and moisturising that they glide on for instant perfection!

For £1.50, I really don't see how you can go wrong and I'm finding it soo hard to chose a favourite! I love nude lips when I'm doing really dramatic eyes so Nostalgic is fantastic for that, Captivating is a gorgeous orange which is perfect for autumn, Flirtatious is going to be my go-to colour for everyday and Fearless certainly has the WOW factor!
To give you a clue to how they look on, here's some pics :)

First up, Charming - a matte, dusty rose colour. Near enough my natural lip colour so brilliant if you don't like to over-do it on the lips. It still gives off a lovely glossy finish and is moisturising so doing you good too!

Nostalgic - a gorgeous nude which would look great with dramatic, smokey eyes. A good reference for it would be E.L.F's natural nymph; it's a shade darker and whereas that one has a very matte finish, Nostalgic has a glossy finish.

Captivating - a gorgeous warm orange, perfect for autumn days! Looks great with brown eyes. don't be put off by the colour in the tube because it looks soo pretty on! Dare to be different! I've been wearing orange shades for weeks now and all I've got is compliments!

(It's like I'm Zoolander and I only have one look! haha) This one is called Flirtatious - It's such a pretty pink! Not so daring that it's noticable a mile off, but bright enough to make your lips to die for! I wore this out and the first thing my friend said when I saw her was "I love your lips!" *A very popular colour for celebs this time of year! check out Fearne Cotton, she seems to be wearing it all the time!
Sociable - the only one of the new colours with some shimmer to it! Personally I usually go for matte colours and add a shimmery gloss if wanted; however, this has pinky goldy flecks of shimmer and is so creamy and glossy already you'd never need a lipgloss again! Definitely a lipstick worthy of a night out on the town.

Last but not least, Fearless! And you have to be fearless to wear it! OH MY GOD, if you've ever wanted a pillar box red lippy, look no further! This is the only one you'll ever need! I want to upload every photo I took of me wearing it because it's so eye catching and stunning! All I need is a black wig and I'm Snow White! "...lips as red as blood..." Bingo!

I was hoping there would be a colour that I didn't like, or there'd be something wrong with it so I can tell you guys and it wouldn't make me look like I was saying how amazing it was just because I got sent them. But to be completely honest, I can't find a thing I don't like about them! If I was going to be really picky then I'd say that I'd prefer the tube to be black, not silver - but then it would look like it was from their studio line! So I really can't complain!

They are all priced seperately as £1.50 each and should be available to buy by the end of the week! E.L.F has just done a 40% off sale and are constantly being super lovely and giving Elfette's free P&P or free gifts so I'd definitely go check out their site :) It's

Love & Peace x
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Disclaimer: Products were sent to be by the brand for potential review, however, I am completely honest with what I say and my opinion of products won't be swayed.


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  2. thanks for a great post.think il be having 1 of each of those beauties :)

  3. Am thinking of getting the orange one :)

  4. Liss - the orange one is soo gorgeous! I'm going to wear it today!! I've got an orange one from Barry M but it's a bit 'in your face'! The E.L.F one is so so creamy and just a lovely colour!

    Anon- definitely do it! haha They're soo nice!

    Jesse - Hi, I'll go and check your blogs out, thanks :)


  5. Love the review, also love the pics! x

  6. Great review love all the shades my favourites are the more nude shades xo

  7. Great review! These all look fantastic on you! Charming and Nostalgic are my favorites. :)
    xx, Kels

  8. Great review. Just came across you on the e.l.f blog. I just posted my review too! So surprised at how pigmented they are :)

  9. Oh Captivating looks great! I'm waiting for my order to come, I've ordered Flirtatious because I wanted somethind pink and as I see in your swatch, it looks amazing! :)