Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Nail Varnish Frenzy!

Recently I've been addicted to buying nail varnish which SUCKS seeming I'm not allowed to wear it to work! Genuinely thought about quiting! Haha! Only for about a split second before I realized I actually NEED the money. Make-up is an expensive addiction...
So these are the nail varnishes I've collected out on my shopping trips in the last 3 weeks...

My first collection...  recently we had a TK Maxx open up on the isle of wight which i am THRILLED about! I keep finding amazing things like Pixi, Stila, O.P.I, Tigi, Pop, Benefit.... the list goes on! I picked up the gorgeous Pixi polish (no.15, a bright bright bright pink/purple!) for only £2.99! It is by far my current favourite polish! It's such a statement colour!
My sister Minxed my a while back and i had a 20% off voucher for New Look so i used it on the Nail Rock nail wraps (basically minx). Never Again. They would of been amazing if someone else did them, but I don't have the patience for things like this... I love nail wraps because you can get gorgeous effects like holographic or mirrored effect wraps and they last weeks on toe nails so I'd definitely say it's worth the money but get a professional to do it!
The BYS polish caught my eye merely for the fact that it's UV, and it certainly is! It cost £2 from StoreTwentyOne and comes in about 7 colours... love it!
The greeny coloured one is a cheapy glow in the dark varnish and is not worth being in the photo, it's shockingly bad. Texture like glue and does not glow!
The Maybelline Salon Manicure Varnish is the best clear/top coat varnish I have ever had! It's sooo shiny! I adore this! I used it over my pastel polka manicure and had it on for a week without any chips! <3 <3 <3

This is the second load, a bit more interesting!
No.7 have been giving out £5 vouchers lately, note why I have 3 more of their polishes! In order they are: Devils Delight, Salsa & Vivid Violet. I haven't used the last 2, I might give them as Christmas presents because they're soo pretty, But Devils Delight is the perfect pillar box red!
The next two I bought for the mere fact that I didn't own a gold nail polish! The first is Collection 2000 in Shimmy Shake and is a clear varnish with fairy dust like particles of gold. It is sooo sparkly and looks gorgeous over black! The next is by 17 in Fury and is a metallic bronze/gold which looks amazing on!
I'd be very suprised if anyone reading this doesn't already know the Revlon polish but just incase, It's Facets of Fuchsia and it is AH-MAZE-ING. I had to hunt around for this polish, it was sold out everywhere and I can totally see why! It's a black gel based varnish with 2 sizes of glitter, one facet shaped and the colour, obviously is fuchsia. Layered and Matted this varnish looks fantastic and is to die for!
Now on to my beautiful O.P.I's.... The first I found hidden at the back of a shelf in Tk Maxx in a set with a lipgloss for £6.99! Bargain! It's from the Burlesque Collection, called Tease-y Does It and is my autumn colour!
And finally, my own and only O.P.I shatter which my sister picked up in NY for $4! It's in Turquoise and I want the colour soo bad as a normal polish! as much as I love shatter, you can't do a lot with it but it's freeking awesome!

I have recently bought another, but it's soo nice that it deserves a post just on it's own...

Sorry for boring you with a heck of a lot of writting!

Love & Peace x

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  1. You bought very nice colours. I had some n7 voucher but totally forgot to use them.