Sunday, 13 November 2011

Pay Day Shopping!

I recently started a new job and it was my first pay day yesterday!! I've had the biggest smile on my face since, knowing there's money in my bank account!
To celebrate, I felt like spending some! So these are my lovely purchases, I haven't taken pictures of the clothes so I'm just going to use the ones I've found online (and one from glamour magazine)

First up the clothes... I seemed to have gone for a bit of a theme... black, grey and metallic!

When I first saw this I wasn't too sure about it, but I tried it on and loved it! It's got silver, gold and white metallic circles here and there and it's about a medium/large knit. I got it from TK Maxx (originally from Motel) and it was priced as £16.99 but there was a little whole in it so I got it for £15!

I also got a pair of black Levi's jeggings which I am totally in love with! Online they're $58 but in TK Maxx they were £19.99!

This pretty little number is from H&M and was £29.99. I saw it in this months Glamour Magazine and fell in love with it instantly! The only problem with it for me is that it's a high neck line, and my boobs aren't exactly small so I feel a little squashed in it! For that reason also it doesn't fall exactly how it's meant to but it still looks amazing, I just have to stand up straight!

whilst I was paying for my dress in H&M I spotted something sparkling out of the corner of my eye, soon to realise it was the MOST GORGEOUS NAIL POLISH EVER! They always have little things in baskets by the counter and that's what this was. There were three colours and I picked up two of them.

This one is called Kiss Goodnight and is a gorgeous shimmery dark grey colour which reflects silver in the light, the amount of shimmer in this polish is insane! H&M bring out different accessorise with Disney characters on them and this is one of them, The picture on the front of the bottle is of Minnie and Mickey Mouse kissing, N'aww....

This is the gorgeous colour that caught my eye! Ahhh I can't stop staring at it it's soo pretty! It's a clear gel with big facets of silver glitter and also small bits of silver glitter too! Here's a close up of the polish over Fearne Cotton's Silver...

These two colours are quickly becoming my favourite polishes at the moment! And for only £1.99 each I'm definitely going to have to look to see what else they've got! And for a clothing store I'm really impressed with the quality of the product. The polish is quite thick with really good colour pay off. I'd upload pictures of it on my nails but I have work at 7am (it's 12:20am now) and I'm not allowed nail varnish at work D':

However I'm sure it will feature as NOTD pretty soon!

Love & Peace x

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