Sunday, 22 September 2013

New Hair! Back to Blonde!

Helloooo! Ok, I've been a bit MIA recently! Where I work, We have just had a refit and I've been working my ass off trying to make up all the hours I've missed whilst we've been closed! Although it closed at a great time, right over the Bestival weekend! WOHOO! I also went and go my hair done! I've been wanting to go back to blonde for a while now and I always said I'd be blonde for our holiday (to Florida in a month!) which I'm really excited about! So, here's my new look!
So here's my new look! I'm still trying to work out what I should do with my eyebrows... They seem a bit dark sometimes so I think I'm going to get a honey colour toner for my hair, and make the blonde colour cooler.
So this was my hair before I got it done. I had to go brown because the blue I had in it before wouldn't budge! It turned my hair a toxic green colour so brunette was my only option! I did love it, may have to go back at some point...
OK it was a lengthy process! Because the roots wouldn't take as long to dye, he started by just applying the peroxide mixture to the hair which had already been dyed.
Next up, he applied the peroxide mixture everywhere and stuck me in the oven haha
Next up, washing my hair and cutting my hair! Whatever colour I had a year ago, didn't want to budge! So the ends were looking a bit orange at this stage! He decided to cut it now to see how much would be taken away, which luckily was quite a lot. I was a tad worried haha
Next step... applying more chemicals everywhere! Oh My GOD! 45 minutes of this on my head was making me go crazy! It was pretty painful! I was using the metal handle of the comb to itch my scalp with! You can definitely feel it working its magic! Hot, Cold, Bubbling... you name it.
I've ran out of photos! It was so quick. My hair was washed, and then a toner was used to get the blonde colour I wanted. Then a final cut and blow dry and 4 and a half hours later, we're done! I am so happy with the colouring! I'm going to pick up a toner with honey tones in to just dull it down a bit for winter.
I'm looking forward to doing some bright eye looks with my blonde locks!
Seeming I was at the hairdressers for almost 5 hours, and had at least 4 treatments and a haircut, I couldn't believe it only cost me £80!
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  1. Your hair looks lovely, your very pretty! It brightens up your face a lot more now its lighter :) xx