Friday, 13 September 2013

Disney Series: Aurora's Dress - Sleeping Beauty

Hellooooo! Sorry I've been away from the computer for a while, busy times at the moment!
I'm coming back with a new one for my Disney Series though! I've started running out of ideas so please leave me a comment if you can think of anything! I will tag you in the look that I do! :)
This look was inspired by Aurora's colour changing dress!
This used to be my favourite scene of any Disney movie when I was little! And when the other fair godmother was making the cake! I love it!
I used my sleek palettes as always, I-candy, V1 and V2 matts and I wanted to try out my new Dainty Doll shadow in Cocabana - which is the base blue colour in this look.
I've recently dyed my hair blonde and was trying out different looks. I feel with lighter hair, I can get away with darker eye looks which is great fun! So expect to see more of them up on my blog!
So that's my look! Just a quick one for today. As always I've used my Mac plush lash mascara and Benefit They're Real mascara, also my NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk, and just a matte white highlighter on my brow bone and under the wing of my eyeliner (Eyeko mini skinny liner)

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  1. Love it! the eyeshadowcolors also go well with your eyecolor

    1. thankyou Eline! I wore this look all day! Made my eyes look so big and bright! x

  2. So pretty - I especially love the pink you placed along the waterline. I've never seen that done before!

    Nicola Kate Makeup


    1. Thankyou Nicola! I do something different on my waterline for quite a lot of my looks, most people only ever just black, but thats too boring for me ;) haha x

  3. Beautiful! I love bold eye looks!

  4. So gorgeous, love the colors!
    Lucy :)

  5. I like the blend of colours used, very much like the dress, xoxo.