Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Halloween ideas!

Hey guys! I am soo excited that I'll be spending Hallowe'en in America this year!! I love Hallowe'en so I thought I might do a few Hallowe'en inspired looks! I've done a few practise runs so thought I'd show you a few things that will be coming up on my blog!
Red ombre lips! Perfect for Evil Queens or Vampires!

Werewolf! Obviously I would block out my brow but it's such a pain in the ass I only half attempted it! Some wolf-like contact lenses would be awesome with this look! I'm too scared to use them!

Pixie/ Fairy Look! Minus some awesome colorful lashes, bright eyeliner and glitter! And My Evil Queen/ Vampire look!

My Evil Queen / Vampire Inspired eye makeup! My favourite! I can't wait to do this one properly with some super intense raven-esque eyelashes!
So that's just a few of my ideas! I'll start doing them properly and hopefully get some blog posts out soon! I'm so excited for Hallowe'en! What are people going to be dressing up as?