Tuesday, 27 August 2013

MAC, Maybelline, Lush & Dainty Doll Haul!

Hey Guys!
Just a little post of my little haul! I went shopping in Cambridge last time I was up to get a few goodies for myself (I've been searching for the babylips lip balms for ages!) and I also got some bits for my Giveaway! But that's still top secret... just waiting for a package to get here then the giveaway can begin!
So onto the haul...
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
I've been needing a new concealer for some time and have heard great things about MAC's so going to give this one a go! Still don't think I've got the hang of it... but it does seems to cover quite well. I never seem to get the same results the MUA gets when they test it on you in the store, which I get really worked up about! Just going to have to keep trying. I do use a fluffy concealer brush to apply it, but it's quite tough! Going to need to invest in a new one...
But so far so good with the concealer! This is in the shade NW15, and leaves a flawless finish to your skin! Retails at £15.50

MAC Fast Response Eye Cream
I always get really dark circles under my eyes and I can never seem to get rid of them! Apparently this super-charged, caffeinated eye cream will work to tighten the skin under my eyes, 'de-puff' and reduce the look of dark circles. I've only tried this product for a few days so can't say if it works or not yet but will keep you updated! If nothing else, it feels amazingly soft! Although being £22 is a bit pricey...it better work!
Maybelline BabyLips
I have been looking for these for so long and could never find them anywhere! I search around superdrug for them and only found them when I went to the tills to pay! They were on a 3 for 2 promotion on the tills! Happy Days! I know they get a lot of mixed reviews but so far I love them. I've only used the Hydrate and Minty Fresh one so far, and I LOVE the Hydrate one. My lips have never been so soft! I was expecting the Minty Fresh Babylips to be like the EOS egg, which is very minty, but it wasn't as scented as I would have liked. EOS Eggs leave you feeling very refreshed so I was a little disappointed, but for £2.99 I was still very happy! Will definitely be trying out some more in the future.

LUSH Liquid Lipsticks

Ok, WOW. I dragged my boyfriend into Lush and started to look at these pretty little bottles. I've heard a bit about them but didn't know what they were like so was playing about and couldn't believe how pretty the pink colour was! It's so bright and has a blue shimmer to it which is amazing. But then I saw the price... £14.50! Thinking about it though... you'd pay the same for a MAC lipstick, and although the bottles look small, you'd probably get the same about of product out of it, so my boyfriend was very lovely and bought it for me. I started applying it when I got home like you would a lip gloss, and then realised my mistake. I only have a small drop of the product on my lips and realised how pigmented they were! I quickly grabbed my lip brush and managed to completely cover my lips with the smallest amount ever! It's amazing!!!! They remind me of OCC lip tars. I am in LOVE with these things!
My boyfriend remembered how much I also liked the shimmery orange so bought it for me at Waterloo Station when I went to get my train, isn't he lovely...I haven't had a chance to use it properly yet but if it's anything like Passionate (left) I'll be very happy!
The appropriately names Passionate, is a bright pink with blue undertones and a blue/purple shimmer. I wore this shade to work and got so many compliments! It stayed on perfectly from 4pm until 1am and I was eating and drinking over that time too... can't believe how great they are! It was a little drying, but I put lip balm on before bed so it's all good!
Vibrance hasn't got the same quality of pigmentation... it looks like sparkly orange jelly when wearing it! If you wait a few minutes, and add a few coats you'd have the sparkliest lips around! Personally I'd wear it over the top of an orange lipstick, my favourite being Mac's Sweet & Sour.
Dainty Doll Eyeshadows
I picked up 3 gorgeous Dainty Doll eyeshadows from POUNDLAND! WHAAAAT??? I also picked up about 4 OPI's!!! Crazy... loving poundland right now! Totally forgot to photograph the OPI's though! They're all shatters but if you've got a Poundland near you...GO! You will spend money.
The first one I picked up is Copacabana and it's a super bright, matte sky blue. Minus the mirror...
The second one I found, (it was all a bit of a mess, I had to hunt!) was Kingston Town. A shimmery Acid Yellow! I can't wait to use this shade, it's amazing!
And lastly, Teach Me Tiger, which I was hesitant to buy at first because it's a pretty safe colour, and I do like my brights but I got it anyway and I've been wearing it ever since! It's made it into my daily routine... I've been getting a lot of compliments on it too! Definitely worth picking up! I'll be posting a look soon which is based around using this colour - it's beautiful!
And that's ma'haul... If you're anything like me, you only look at the photos really... but I hope you liked my post! Another one to come tomorrow night fingers crossed!


  1. I love those Lush Liquids! (though the price is a little much) ;) Those eyeshadows look amazing! Love the haul!

    1. They're amazing though! I'd definitely say it's a good investment! :) x

  2. Great buys! x


  3. Lovely haul! I want to collect the baby lips<3

    Great post! Thanks for sharing!:)

    Hugs, Brittany, xx


    1. Thanks Brittany! I know they look amazing! I love the Hydrate one! x

  4. What! Dainty doll in poundland!! That's mad, will have to check that one out I did a review on my blog of some of the products from the range :) great post xx