Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Happy Endings...

Hello blogging world! Wow this is weird, I haven't done it in so long! I don't want to bore you with why I haven't blogged in ages but I basically lost all motivation and people brought me down. However, It's a new year and I have beautiful people in my life that make me smile and give me the encouragement I need to pursue my love of makeup! I feel like a very lucky girl!

Seeming I haven't done a makeup look in so long for you guys, I thought I'd start the year with one! I haven't really done them recently because I haven't had a decent camera but my wonderful boyfriend has kindly lent me his! Isn't he a sweetie...

I couldn't be happier with the quality of the pictures! I'm so fussy when it comes to lighting etc that it's nice I can relax so much with a camera! Please Click on the pics for a better look! They look amazing, I hate how they come up so small on here!


I've fallen in love with an OPI nail polish called Rally Pretty Pink, which is a gorgeous pinky, purple shimmer with a golden duo chrome, I would of uploaded a picture of it but it's a bitch to photograph so apologies! Anyway, my look is basically based on that polish, which I thought might be a cool idea for a makeup series? Corresponding makeup to your favourite nail polish... what do you guys think? (that's if anyone reads this! If you're like me, you just look at the pictures!)

The shadows are all a bit of a mix really. I started with Urban Decay PP, NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk and then patted on the purple shade from the Sleek Idivine Acid palette all over my eyelid and blended it out with MUA's shade 18. To draw attention to the centre of my eye I used Highness from Sleeks Ultra Matts V2 palette in the outer and inner corners of my eye and also lightly in the crease and blended out on my lower lash line. This alone looks amazing, but I love a bit of sparkle so I added UD's Half Baked to the centre of my eyelid and slightly blended it out. To Finish off I used Pillow Talk from Sleek's V2 palette as a brow highlight, UD's Perversion eyeliner pencil and Mac's black lash Push Lash mascara.

I didn't really know what to do with my lips so I went GOLD! I started with Natural Nymph from ELF, then applied a clear lipgloss and patted on Urban Decay's Half Baked eyeshadow. Finally I added Fairy Cake lipgloss from Butter London and lips are done. PS: WEIRD uploading a photo of my lips. I hate them!


And that is that! Look done :) I forgot how much I LOVE playing around with makeup and trying new things! I've recently bought loads from Urban Decay (fallen in love <3 again!) and can't wait to try out the Glinda Palette!

I think I'm gonna do a quick post from my phone at some time, just to show you all the looks I've done and stuck on instagram (soo lazy) because I really loved some of them! But I'm definitely going to start photographing them properly for you guys!

I hope you like it and can't wait to do another look! Please let me know what you think by writing a comment below :)

Love as always! x

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