Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Purple Hair and New Piercings!

Ok... So in the last few months I've definitely become a lot more confident and happy within myself so started to express it!

My parents have always put me off getting any 'weird' piercings but I saw a really cute picture on google of a triple forward helix and fell in love with it! So basically, step by step - I'm getting it!
It's 3 seperate piercings and so far I've got two! I expected it to hurt a lot more than it actually did but it was fine! Hurt no more than a blood test and the woman doing it was so lovely!

what i'm aiming for!

What I'm at so far :)

I'm leaving them about 2/3 months apart so they have time to heal, then will get them all changed into 3 Gems studs accending in size :) Looks super cute! 

Also, it was the Bestival a few weeks ago (which was amazing!) and I fancied a bit of a change anyway so decided to dye my hair purple! As you do...

This is how it looked the first time I did it! I used Crazy Colour hair dye in lilac and hot purple - mixed the two together! They were super cheap, like £3.50 each! And Amazing!!! To be fair, the first time i did it, it hardly lasted the weekend! It ended up looking like this...

I had a bit of a purple rinse going on! haha! I got fed up with it looking GREY so dyed it again, and so far it's holding on a lot longer than the first time! It's been almost a week now and it's just got a slightly more lilac colour...

I quite like it this colour though! It does look a lot darker than it actually is in this photo, it's more of a pastel lavender at the moment which is beaut!

For such a cheap, semi-permanent hair colour I was really impressed with how bright and vibrant the results were! And at £3.50 I can see myself dying my hair numerous colours this autumn!

What colour do you think I should go next?

Love & Peace xxx

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  1. Oh man, I've been dying to dye my hair for a while now. About 2 years ago I went platinum blonde and fried it to shit and I'm still growing out the old damage. But when that's all grown out I really want to put it through hell again and do a fire-engine red to strawberry blonde ombre (in my dreams).

    I was pretty amazed at how bright your hair was and how quickly it faded. I think you'd look wicked with some hot pink hair with your blue eyes, personally.