Thursday, 13 June 2013

My time on Instagram

Hey Guys!
Hope everyone's weather is better than the Island's! It's all a little miserable here right now! Although everyone's in high spirits because it's the Isle of Wight Festival from tomorrow! And I think I've managed to bag myself a free ticket! WOHOO!
As per usual, here's a few pictures from my week :) I don't know why there's loads of spare space below, it's not like that in my drafts so I don't know how to fix it :/ sorry guys!

This beautiful little man is my nephew Max in the t-shirt I bought him when he was born, it finally fits! Gotta love your family :)

It was one of my lovely friend's 21st birthdays on monday and her mum put on this amazing spread! It looked like something out of a magazine! It was all so amazing!

And these are her ducks! haha

I was playing around with my makeup before work the other day, decided it was a purple kind of day I think! I love my Lime Crime lipstick in Airbourne Unicorn!

I dulled it down a bit the next day! Subtle but stunning lips using E.L.F's Natural Nymph lipstick and Mac's Dazzleglass in Steppin' Out.

Apologies for death face from when I took the curlers out in the morning! But look at my amazing new curlers!! Haha I might do a blog post on these little beauts. They hurt like a bitch to sleep in, but they're amazing!

An amazing sign! Even the shop owners were disappointed in the shop...
Last but not least, My beautiful little Island! I love being here in the summer... just beautiful.
Hope you guys are all having a lovely week! x


  1. I love the purple make-up looks, it's gorgeous. I have a little cousin called Max, bit older than your nephew who is gorgeous by the way!

  2. thankyou so much! Yeah Max is a little cutie! my other nephew is 10! nice to have a little'un around the place again! xxx