Thursday, 6 June 2013

Disney Series: Mater from Cars!

Hey guys! Sorry it's been so long since I've posted a makeup look! Life gets hectic sometimes, but I've got a few new looks ready to post in the next few days! And here's the latest! Mater!

This one was requested by my boyfriend! I've made him a little Disney crazy lately, my bad! But I love it! His favourite is Cars so he gave me the idea to do Mater!

Mater is such a cutie pie! This look is much more wearable than the latest few I've done, so it was nice to mix it up a bit! I was a little worried as there isn't a lot of colour going on, but once I saw a few more pictures I realised the last of his teal paintwork, and added a rusty gold to match his sparkly personality!

I even added his little crow bar as my wing! N'awww! Once again, the majority of the colours were from my Sleek V2 Palette, I would be lost without it! The pigment you get from the colours are incredible and the price is fantastic! I can't wait to go and visit my boyfriend so I can get some more palettes! (I can't get them on the Isle of Wight, boo!)

The gold shadow is Half Baked by Urban Decay and the brown eyeliner is from a Beauty UK palette (I also used the burnt red from the palette for a little more rusty depth!)

I cut up an old pair of eyelashes which were from Collection 2000 and just used a few strands on the outer lash line to give little Mater some get up and go! I didn't want to use strip lashes because I think they would have been a bit over powering. For me this is more of a wearable daytime look, and unlike some, I can't stand lashes enough to be able to wear them all throughout the day! That would take a lot of getting used to...

I hope you like my latest look! Sorry the photos aren't great, I did it at the wrong time of day and just couldn't get the light to work with me! Damn nature...

As always, if you have any idea on what Disney Characters I could do next, please let me know!

Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine! x x

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