Tuesday, 4 October 2011

O.P.I Shatter, turquoise

I have the most amazing sister! She went to New York last week and picked me up some amazing things! She knows me too well...

This is just a quick post on one of the things she got for me, the beautiful shatter polish by O.P.I in turquoise! I live in the UK and O.P.I polishes are really hard to come by where I am so I was thrilled when I got this! Over here it would cost at LEAST £10... she picked it up for $4!!!! OH MY GAHHHH!!!

I cannot wait till I got to Florida in March, Sooo much shopping is going to happen!

I was way too excited about this so I didn't have time to clean my nails up before I took the picture! In this photo I'm wearing it with 'Check Me Out', a corally pink from H&M. The combo is insane! Looking forward to using it in the winter, over a silver or pearly white, will look really cute!


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