Wednesday, 26 October 2011


I have been so slack with posts lately! Sorry! Life's been pretty hectic; got myself a new job, passed my driving theory, started my new job... a little mad but wonderful at the same time :)

So, because I've been so slack I'm doing a Nails of the Week post... just the nails I've had over the past week basically :)

I absolutely love this!! I found hidden at the back of a shelf in TK Maxx, a O.P.I set of a nail varnish and lip gloss, and this was the colour. It's from the Burlesque collection and it's Tease-y Does It. It's such a gorgeous colour! In different kinds of light it looks red, purple, brown, black... it's just amazing! For the Gold Gradient, I used 'Shimmy Shake' from Collection 2000.

The next one i did was Pastel Polkas. I wanted something a bit more dulled down, but still me! This look was really easy and fun to do, and would work with basically every colour going. I've used OPI's Alpine Snow, Teal from ELF and the pastel green is by Barry M... but i can't remember the name!
I bought a new top coat from Maybelline, salon professional extra shine blah... something, which i used on this and I have NO chippage what so ever! It fantastic! And the shine was soo pretty too! Would really recommend it!

I did have a go with my Halloween nails but then my lack of patience kicked in and i gave up! The pumpkin was just too much for me and i didn't like the others! Weren't as good as when I first did it so they came straight off! A shame really.... I went for something a little simpler! I got this gorgeous bright purple/pink from TK Maxx, it's from the brand Pixi in No.15 and i'm in love with it! It's not like a colour i've ever seen before! I got it for £2.99 and on the website it's £10! BARGAIN! For the black i've just used my Wah nail art pen and then filled it in with a black polish from Star Gazer.
This look could be used for so much over Halloween, I thought it was a pretty safe option!

Hope you like them, let me know what you think :) I'll do a post on my new polishes soon, I've bought so many in the past few week I think they deserve a mention!

Love & Peace xx

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