Wednesday, 21 March 2012

My week in instagram....

Im sorry I havent been posting like I said I would! Ive done loads of looks but dont really like them... Haha what a waste of time! Anyway.... Heres some of my pics from the week :)

The best ben and jerrys ever, my cat rocky being the idiot that he is and trying to get in the glossy box box, finding stupid places to sleep! Went to nandos, and a few of my looks including a recreation of xsparkages district...9? I think? I cant remember now 0_0

So yeah... Love & Peace x


  1. what great pictures!!! amazing looks, cute cat, that ice cream looks amazing and OMG glow in the dark eyes!!!

  2. omg- i love all the pics- especially the first one!!!

  3. Your cat looks so content in that last picture!x

  4. Amazing looks! Ahh I love Ben & Jerry's :) x

  5. k june i will officially will have the i phone and i tell you what i freaking cant wait. the picture with your eye shadow is amazing! love your blog along with this post!

  6. very cute post! your eyes are amazing! Im your newest follower :)

  7. love these looks! great pictures!

    Scarr xx

  8. Wow, eye makeup looks gorgeous! Thanks for sharing :)
    I hope you can check out my blog!

    xx Veronica

  9. I love your blog! & i love the looks you come up with, very talented :) look forward to your future posts :)

    louisa xx

  10. Hi Georgia!

    Absolutely GORGEOUS eye make-up! You've got a real talent, girl!

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