Friday, 10 February 2012


For any Valentine's Haters... here you go...

A very different look for me... not something I would ever wear out! A bit dark... but so gorgeous! And how simple can you get? 2 colours? Awesome. Another look using my ELF 6 in 1 on the go palette (or whatever it's called...) And I'm pretty excited about ELF bringing out a huge palette to hold them all in! DESPERATELY NEEDED!!!! I've managed to smash one of the eyeshadows already ¬_¬ Pissed off with myself to the max.

The colours in the palette's are insane! Some are so gorgeous and remind me a lot of the Nars eyeshadows.

I have my camera back but it still sucks... couldn't get a very good photo... sorry about that! Will be getting a new camera in the next few months... probably mid march? fingers crossed!

please click to enlarge images!

I was looking into doing a new series but now I'm not so sure... This would have been one of the looks! I was going to do a Vampire Diaries Series, and this beaut would have been my Damon... *dreamy blue eyes...* but yeah, I'm not so sure now! Really want to do a series >< will have to have a think :D

Any ideas on a series I could do? Would love some ideas!!!

Love & Peace x